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"The Historical Elk's: A Spooktacular Place" is a two-hour television documentary on paranormal activity in the historical Elk's building in New Castle, Pennsylvania. The documentary will feature: paranormal investigative teams, psychics and ordinary folks interested in the paranormal. The teams will investigate this place and compare their findings ... then share them with the public.

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Here is where you can find out the latest projects that we are doing. Spooktacular Productions specializes in films regarding the paranormal, the supernatural and horror films. Currently we are in post-production of "The Historical Elk's: A Spooktacular Place" and are doing a sound track for a upcoming audio book.

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Tri Cinema Studios is an independent film company that specializes in producing quality films within a reasonable budget. Tri Cinema Studios is a full-production studio which can provide most of the filming, lighting, special effects, green screens, equipment rentals and services for any of the films producted or co-produced by Tri Cinema Pictures. Our films and documentaries are shot in the lastest HD and SD formats. We offer analog and digital sound recording formats. We can go on location too.